Episode 17

In Episode 17 I announce the winner of our 199-member giveaway and discuss upcoming events like the January graduating class, our ongoing U-Turn project, and the Ravellenic Games.  The spring semester started last week, so my sabbatical is officially over  🙁  and I talk about what I’ve been up to besides getting ready for school.  I’ve been making good progress on a couple of my knitting projects, too.  This episode also includes information about a phenomenal new book that I finished reading and a review of Addi Lace Click interchangeable needles.  In the classroom, you’ll hear about knitting as a component of the Waldorf educational curriculum.

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Awards and Scholarships

Our Ravelry group reached 200 members this week!  In celebration, we had a 199-Member Giveaway drawing.  A random number generator came up with #183, and member 183 is Quilter98, who is Mel from Illinois — congratulations to Mel!  She wins a beautiful skein of Zitron Unisono yarn.  It is sport weight in 100% merino superwash with 328 yards.  The colorway is 1280, and you can see it below:


Reminders and Announcements

January Graduating Class:  Post a picture of the projects you complete this month on our Ravelry thread to be entered in our monthly drawing.  At the end of the month I will randomly select two posts to be our January valedictorians!  One person will get a project bag of their choice from Halcyarn Knitting Accessories, and the other person will get a skein of yarn of their choice from Evermore Studios.

U-Turn Project:  Post a picture of your UFO and the story behind them on this Ravelry thread to be entered into a separate monthly drawing.  A winner will be selected at random to receive a beautiful small pottery bowl from LizKitzerow Etsy Shop and a set of stitch markers made by me.  Here is a picture of one of the little bowls filled with some stitch markers that I’ve collected.  So pretty!!

bowl & stitch markers

Ravellenic Games:  The Opening Ceremonies are February 7, so it is time to plan for what project(s) you want to do in order to “expand your knitting horizons.”  We have a Ravellenics discussion going, and please join in by telling us what you are thinking about doing for the games!

ASPCA Fundraiser:  Maya (selkhet on Ravelry) asked me to announce her fundraiser for the ASPCA.  Emily from Fibre Town is hosting a fundraising contest — there is a giveaway for people who pledge.  You can go to her forum or Maya’s direct fundraising site for more information.

Around Campus

I ramble about school starting and what else I’ve been up to lately:  card workshop, Postcrossing update, and snail mail news.

The Academic Status of My Knitting Projects

Junior:  Twisted Edge Shawlette by Cayenne DaBell

twisted edge shawlette


shawl closeupYarn:  Marigoldjen MCN in the Ninja colorway

Needles:  Knitters Pride Dreamz interchangeables, U.S. size 4

Junior:  Spick and Spats by Madeleine Pippa Bartlett

Ankle WarmerYarn:  Wacky Wool Homespun (95% wool, 5% bamboo) from Australia for the bottom flare section; Aslan Trends Del Cerro (100% merino) for the baby cable ribbed section

Needles:  Dreamz interchangeables, sizes 6 and 8

A Review

In this episode I review the Addi Lace Clicks interchangeable needles.  I have the set with 3.5-inch tips, but there is also a set with 5-inch tips.  Tune in to hear the things I like and don’t like about them.


 At the Library

Last week I started and finished an audiobook which just came out on Audible — The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd.  I loved it.  You must run out and get it right away because it is phenomenal.  I express my thoughts about this book and recommend it, not because it is the latest pick for Oprah’s Book Club, though.

In the Classroom

I discuss Waldorf education, something that I have been interested in for quite a while, ever since I heard that they incorporate knitting into their regular curriculum from first grade all the way through high school.  Listen to the show to get a brief history of Rudolf Steiner, the man who developed Waldorf, as well as an overview of the unique aspects of this teaching philosophy.

Episode 13

The theme of Episode 13 is Thanksgiving, as we celebrated this holiday here in the U.S. on Thursday.  I talk about President Abraham Lincoln and the circumstances under which he created the Thanksgiving holiday.  I also chat about  snail mail news, Craftsy classes, my knitting progress, and the book I’m currently reading.  Give a listen!

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Reminders and Announcements

For those participating in the Pen Pal Pair Up Project, watch your Ravelry mail for a message from me containing your pen pal’s information.  You should receive it by December 1.  If you don’t, contact me and I will get back to you.

Post your finished objects for November in the November Graduating Class thread on our Ravelry group by November 30 to be entered in this month’s prize drawings.  I will use a random number generator to select two valedictorians for November, who will each receive a prize.  One person will get to choose any project bag from Halcyarn Knitting Accessories, and the other person will get to choose any yarn from Evermore Studios.  If you miss the November graduation, don’t worry — I will open up a thread for the December graduating class on December 1.  You must be a member of the Ewe University group to participate.

Around Campus

This week I chat about feeding the birds and a lot of snail mail news.  Some friends and I made cards to donate to Operation Write Home, which is an organization that sends cards to military personnel so that they can use them to write to their loved ones back home.  I also joined Postcrossing, an outfit that organizes post card exchanges around the world.  Another fantastic snail-mail supporter is the Letter Writers Alliance, where you can get stationery and other super-cool supplies.  They also host letter-writing socials, which sound really fun!  Along those lines, my friend Lauren has organized a letter-writing social here at our public library on December 9 from 6:00-7:30pm.  Join us if you’re in the area!

In the show I talk about the awesome Craftsy classes I’ve been taking.  I am addicted to Craftsy!  I love the class topics and the teachers.  You watch the instruction and demonstration videos on your computer, plus you get handouts and materials that you can download.  You can even post your questions on the discussion board, and the instructor will respond and help you.  If you are interested in checking out Craftsy, now is a good time because all their classes are on sale for $19.99 or less until Monday, December 2!

Thank you to Cayenne for turning me on to a new audio podcast, Black Isle Crafts, hosted by Sheila.  I am really enjoying listening to her talk about her knitting, spinning, and life on a farm in the Scottish Highlands.

I end this segment by telling about a point of interest in my town, Monmouth, Illinois.  It is a plaque commemorating a speech delivered on that block by senate candidate Abraham Lincoln on October 11, 1858.  Although it wasn’t one of his famous speeches (he talked for three hours but there is no record of exactly what he said), afterwards he stopped in at the local photographer and had his picture taken.  This photograph was unknown until the 1980’s because it was in the possession of the photographer’s family here in Monmouth until then.  Now it is housed at the Smithsonian.


Plaque commemorating Abraham Lincoln's speech in Monmouth, Illinois on October 11, 1858

Plaque commemorating Abraham Lincoln’s speech in Monmouth, Illinois on October 11, 1858

Picture of Lincoln taken at the local photographer in Monmouth

Picture of Lincoln taken at the local photographer in Monmouth

The Academic Status of My Knitting Projects

No projects graduated this week, not even the sock circle socks.  🙁  But here is a picture of all the socks — everyone in the sock circle put on their socks at knitting group Wednesday evening, and we took a picture.  Don’t they look great?!

All the sock circle ladies wearing their socks

All the sock circle ladies wearing their socks

SOPHOMORE:  Neon Frog Socks

I’m doing these socks for the Ribbit Knit-along with the Dramatic Knits podcast.  They are in Leading Men Fiber Arts — Show Stopper yarn in the Lightning Bug colorway.  The project is on a Ciaogoo 9-inch U.S. size 1 circular needle.  I’m using the Basic Ribbed Sock pattern by Kate Atherley.

This week I turned the heel and knit about 4 inches on the foot

This week I turned the heel and knit about 4 inches on the foot

FRESHMAN:  Raven Pullover Sweater

This is a Christmas present for my husband, if I get it done in time.  I need to speed it up a little!  This pattern is out of the Knits of a Feather book by Celeste Young.  I’m using Cascade Greenland yarn on a 32-inch U.S. size 8 circular needle from my Hiya Hiya Interchangeables.

I knit a couple more inches on the sweater -- you can see my progress as indicated by the blue stitch marker where I left off last week

I knit a couple more inches on the sweater — you can see my progress as indicated by the blue stitch marker where I left off last week

FRESHMAN:  I made a teensy bit of progress on my super-secret gift project.

At the Library

I continued listening to We the Living by Ayn Rand this week and am currently on Chapter 6.  Although this book is one of my all-time favorites, I think I am going to set it aside for now and start a different book that is more cheerful!  The past few books I’ve read have been very melancholy, and I’m in the mood for something a little more upbeat.

In the Classroom

For this week’s lesson I read an essay that I wrote about Abraham Lincoln several years ago when I was the keynote speaker at a student honor society’s initiation meeting.  Hopefully you will find it inspiring, motivating, and appropriately related to Thanksgiving.