Episode 37: Play

I recorded Episode 37 at our cabin in Northern Minnesota on a lovely day with the windows open, so you will hear birds chirping as well as some loons calling in the background.  All was not so peaceful, though, as you’ll also hear boat motors running for quite a while in the middle of the show.  Nevertheless, I wanted to record an episode on play while we’re here on vacation.  I’ve been enjoying a lot of productive knitting time lately and have been having fun coloring in my adult coloring books, which I also talk about.  On the way to the classroom, I review a couple of excellent audiobooks I recently finished and give some interesting information about Rambouillet sheep, which is our sheep of the month for May.  I’m uploading this episode at an internet cafe, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that it works!

Welcome  to both new and returning listeners!  I invite you to join our amazing Ravelry group so you can participate in all the activities and contests and be eligible for prizes.  It’s always a pleasure to connect with listeners online as well as via snail mail.  I’m a huge fan of old-fashioned handwritten correspondence.  If you’re interested in writing to me, all of my contact information can be found on this site; click on the “About” tab at the top of the page.

This podcast is sponsored by Etsy shops Halcyarn Knitting Accessories and A Riot of Color.  Thank you so much to both sponsors! Listeners’ support of these sponsors is truly appreciated, and through them you are supporting this podcast and making it possible.

Listen to the show:


I’ll update the show notes with pictures and links re everything I talk about when I get home.

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