Welcome to Ewe University!

Hello, and welcome to Ewe University! I’m Dr. Kelly.

The idea for Ewe University started with an honors seminar in knitting that I taught for a number of years at the university where I work as a psychology professor.  In this class, yes, the students learned how to knit.  But more than that, each week we talked about how knitting is related to a wide variety of academic disciplines, like neuroscience, economics, feminism, and psychology.  As I would tell my knitting friends about this class, every single one of them said the same thing:  Boy, I would love to sit in on that class!  And I used to think, wow, if I let everyone sit in on the class, I’d have to teach it in a huge lecture hall!

Then in 2013 I was on sabbatical and thought this might be a great time to bring my ideas to a podcast.  So instead of all my knitting friends sitting in a big lecture hall, they could listen to the podcast.  So that’s how Ewe University was born.  And it really just took off from there.  It grew to well beyond my local knitting friends to people from around the world who simply enjoy learning and enjoy the fiber arts.

In 2015-16 I did weekly live broadcasts on Periscope called Ewe University Live. It was a wonderful experience to be able to interact with viewers in real time, and I posted archived videos of those live broadcasts on my YouTube channel. I ultimately decided to bring the show into a video format.

My YouTube videos combine my love of the fiber arts with my unending curiosity about the world.  In particular, I like to showcase especially obscure aspects of the fiber arts — yarn making, yarn dyeing, knitting, spinning, weaving, etc. I also enjoy reviewing and comparing different tools of the trade, and I think you’ll find that my reviews are pretty in-depth and as scientific as I can get in the absence of a tightly-controlled laboratory setting.  I run tests on products in my own home.

On this web site you’ll find a link to my YouTube channel, an archive of my old audio podcast episodes, and information about a knitting summer camp in Northern Minnesota that I am organizing.  Click on the tabs at the top of this page to navigate to the section you’re looking for.

So, if you are passionately curious and never get tired of learning new things, new skills, new ideas…I hope you enjoy watching my videos and learn something, and maybe you can join us in Minnesota for a week-long summer camp in June. Have a sparkly day!