Episode 12

Episode 12 features my experience with the terrible storms that hit Central Illinois on Sunday, several knitting projects I’ve been working on, the interesting book I’m currently reading, and a lesson about the research on trauma and resilience.

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Reminders and Announcements

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Around Campus

You’ve probably already heard about the horrible storms we had here in Central Illinois on Sunday.  In the show I talk about the storms as they passed through my town.  We were under a tornado watch all day but we were lucky that the tornadoes didn’t form until the storm crossed the Illinois River, about 60 miles east of here.  However, others were not so lucky, and the town of Washington, Illinois was severely damaged by an EF4 tornado.

The Academic Status of My Knitting Projects

SENIOR:  Sock Circle Socks

I completed my section on Gail’s socks in one week!  I even knit a few inches extra (5 inches instead of 2 inches) so that they would be ready for Gail to start decreasing for the toe.  The yarn I used for my section is Crazy Zauberball, which is 75% wool and 25% nylon, in the Fliederduft colorway.  I think  fliederduft means lilac.  It is a transitional yarn in different shades of purple.

I knit a 5 inch section on the foot (bottom section of the socks) and then passed them back to Gail, who will finish her socks this coming week!

I knit a 5 inch section on the foot (bottom section of the socks) and then passed them back to Gail, who will finish her socks this coming week!

Last night at knitting group I got my own socks back from Rose, and this coming week I’ll be knitting and finishing up the toes on both socks.

FRESHMAN:  Raven Pullover

This is the sweater I’m making for my husband for a Christmas gift.  I only got about an inch done.  The 2 x 2 ribbing is already tiresome, but I’m plugging away!  This pattern is the Raven Pullover from Knits of a Feather by Celeste Young.  I’m using Cascade Greenland yarn, which is 100% superwash merino in black.  You can listen to the show to find out my opinions about this yarn.  This project is on a 32-inch U.S. size 8 circular needle from my Hiya Hiya interchangeables.

The blue stitch marker indicates where I left off last week, so I only completed about an inch more on the sweater this week.

The blue stitch marker indicates where I left off last week, so I only completed about an inch more on the sweater this week.


I’m joining the Dramatic Knits podcast Ribbit knit along.  For this KAL you knit any pair of ribbed socks, and you have until the end of the year to finish.  I should be able to do that!  I’m using my favorite ribbed sock pattern, Basic Ribbed Socks by Kate Atherley.  I’m using fingering weight yarn by Leading Men Fiber Arts in the Show Stopper base in the Lightning Bug colorway.  It’s a nice sock yarn — 75% superwash merino and 25% nylon.  I’m using a 9-inch U.S. size 1 circular needle (Ciaogoo).

You might need your sunglasses to look at this yarn!

You might need your sunglasses to look at this yarn; it’s pretty bright!

FRESHMAN:  I also started a super secret gift project that I can’t tell you about or show you yet!

 At the Library

This week I started listening to the audiobook We the Living by Ayn Rand.  So far I’m only on Chapter 2.  In the show I talk a bit about the background of this book, introduce the setting and the characters, and discuss a little about the author.

In the Classroom

The storms and devastating tornadoes which hit close to home this week made me think about how people cope with disasters.  So in this week’s lesson I cover the research on resilience of people who have suffered all sorts of trauma.  Caveat:  I am not a clinical psychologist or a therapist.  I am an informed consumer of research, and in this episode I simply summarize what we know about resilience based on scientific studies.  I talk a lot about the research of Dr. George Bonnano, a clinical psychologist at Columbia University in New York City, who is one of the foremost experts on psychological resilience after disaster.  He has conducted dozens of studies on topics such as bereavement, serious illness, and the terrorist attacks on September 11.  Listen in to find out answers to questions like How prevalent is resilience? and What makes people resilient?